Email Spamming / Mass Mailing on Kali Linux

What is Email Spamming

Mass Mailing method of sending same e-mail message to large number of people at the same time.

Mass Mailing concept is used for Phishing attacks,Spamming and promoting business online.

Before we begin Mass Mailing Attack first thing we need to do is create an email list.Check this tutorial to steal email addresses. it searches for e-mail addresses and collects them and places into a text file. Once your email list is ready we are good to go lets start:

Tool we are going to use is Setoolkit. Setoolkit is pre-installed in Kali so lets do it.

Once your List is ready we are good to go now.Open your terminal and type:

root@seven:~# setoolkit

When you use Setoolkit for the first time you will be asked to accept terms and conditions just type y and hit enter.

From the menu select 1 Social Engineering attacks.

choose one from menu

From the next menu select 5 Mass mailer attack.

choose 2

Now choose E-Mail Attack Mass Mailer and press enetr.

choose email mass mailing

Now We need to give path to our file.In my case i have placed my file in the desktop so my path looks like this: /root/Desktop/seven.txt and press enter.

give path to file

Select option 1 Use a gmail Account for your email attack.and press enter.

choose again one

Now enter the email address you are going to use i am using and hit enter.

enter email to use

Enter the username that you want recipient to see and press enter.


Enter your gmail password Password field is not visible so type your password carefully.

enter password

You have to specify whether or not you want flag your email flag as high priority or not just no and press enter.

set flag to no

Enter your email subject and press enter.

set:phishing > Email subject: Enter your subject

Now you will be asked to send message as a plain or html select p and press enter.

plain text p

Now Enter the body of your message when you are finished with your message type END in uppercase like this END and hit enter.

email has been sent

If you have followed correctly then all the emails from your list will be sent to your targets.
Do share if it helped you.