Install Conky Manager In kali Linux 2.0

What is a conky Manager

Accurate description for conky is it makes your desktop look awesome.Conky Manager is a graphical front-end for managing Conky config files. It provides options to start/stop, browse and edit Conky themes installed on the system.

You can run it on startup, and you have the options of changing the location, size and transparency of the Conky widget window. You can also tweak the time and network interface settings.

Install Conky Manager

Open your terminal and type the following command:

root@seven:~# apt-get install conky-all

Download files:

Now navigate to the directory that contain the downloaded file in my case i have placed in desktop.

Now we need to make conky-manager-latest-amd64 file executable by typing the following command:

root@seven:~/Desktop# chmod +x conky-manager-latest-amd64.deb

make exexbale

Now we need to install package type the folowing command:

root@seven:~/Desktop# dpkg -i conky-manager-latest-amd64.deb

install packege

launch conky manager

Press ALT+F2 and type conky-manager in the box and hit enter. Now you can choose different themes and widgets

By default there are only few themes included Download delux conky themes: theme from here Delux conky themes

Once theme is downloaded you can import by clicking on import icon as shown in the below picture.

import theme

Now play around with different themes it's awesome.