Steal Emails In bulk on Kali Linux

What is E-mail Stealing / harvesting ?

E-mail Harvesting is the process of stealing e-mail addresses from web and placing them into a text file. The purpose of harvesting email addresses is for use in bulk emailing,spamming and social engineering.

There are many techniques used for stealing email addresses,we will use the most easiest and effective technique.We will use So lets start and make sure you are connected to the internet

So open your terminal and type the following command to start metasploit services

root@seven:~# service postgresql start

Start msfconsole:

root@seven:~# msfconsole

open console

Now type the following command to show different gather search collector options there are plenty, but we are going to use email search collector.As shown in the below picture.

msf > search collector 
serch for exploit

Use the auxiliary email collector by typing the following command:

msf > use auxiliary/gather/search_email_collector 

use the exploit

Now type show options and press enter. These are the configurations,now we have to set domain name and output file.

msf auxiliary(search_email_collector) > show options

set configurations

Set domain name by typing following command and press enter.I setting gmail you can write any domain like bing or yahoo etc. Remember DOMAIN should be in uppercase .

msf auxiliary(search_email_collector) > set DOMAIN

set yahoo

Specify an output file this is where all the email addresses will be saved.Type the following command:

msf auxiliary(search_email_collector) > set OUTPUT yahoo.txt

output file

Type show options again see your configurations as you can see domain has been set to and output will be saved to yahoo.txt file.We are good to go.

msf auxiliary(search_email_collector) > show options

all set time to launch

Now its time to run attack simply type exploit and hit enter.It will take few seconds to collect emails be patient

msf auxiliary(search_email_collector) > exploit

[*] Harvesting emails .....
[*] Searching Google for email addresses from


Once process is complete , then we need to confirm that output file is created. File will be saved to home directory so open you terminal and type ls you should be able to see your file under the name yahoo.txt in the home directoy.

check file

Now open the file to check list type and enter.

root@zeeroseven:~# cat yahoo.txt

open file to see

I hope it helped you please share it among your friends.