Metasploit for beginners

Metasploit is an open source and must have tool for pentester.It can be used to test websites,operating systems,ssh,ftp,Mysql or entire network for vulnerabilities.

Tutorial 1

  1. Introduction to Metasploit
  2. Features of Metasploit
  3. Metasploit at first run
  4. Basic Metesploit commands
  5. Running nmap commands inside metasploit

Tutorial 2 [FTP Hacking with Metasploit]

  1. Scanning target for vulnerability
  2. Using Ftp_login exploit
  3. Hacking Username and Password

Tutorial 3

  1. Stealing emails from web.
  2. Saving emails to a file

Tutorial 4

  1. Creating a persistent backdoor

More tutorials on metasploit coming soon.