Setting Up and configuring Maltego

When you run MALTEGO for the first time you have to go through a registration process,and also have to make some necessary configurations. we will be setting up MALTEGO to enjoy it's awesome functionalities to the fullest. if you are running maltego for the first time then Open your terminal we terminal and type:

root@seven:~# maltego 

CLick on next

click on next

Now you need to register for username and password so click on the link register here.Iink will take you to the registration page.


Fill the form and provide a valid email address and click on register.

fill form

Once you are registered then an activation code will be sent to your email address.


Now go to the your email and check spam folder. Click on the link.

confrimation link

No click on the Activate account button.Once your account gets activated then go back to maltego.

get your code

Now you need to login with your gmail address and password that you created during registration.

login using email and password

click next.

click on next

Now click on finish.

click on finish

Install all these transform for better results, because they are the programs that are taking information and extracting information throughout the internet from different sources.It is optional though.But just install them they are useful.

install all

Now click on the manage tab .

click on manage tab

Now click on the manage transforms.

click on manage transform

check all buttons and exit.Now MALTEGO is ready to serve you.

check all the buttons